1. Database of experimental and collected data
      2. Simulation Models for Buildings
      3. Outdoor environment model
      4. Predictive models
      5. Modeling methology
      6. Report with a detailed description of the different developed control schemes
      7. Report with the assessment of the different control schemes and with a proposal for an optimised control scheme
      8. Report on the description of the output optimization so that the output can be used as decision support tool
      9. Detail description of the component infrastructure
      10. Specification of the software system components
      11. List of equipment and technologies procured for each building and public space
      12. Report on installation of control algorithms and management system (Phase 1)
      13. Report on installation of hardware, technologies and management system (Phases 2 and 3)
      14. Report on functionality of the whole system
      15. Evaluation Report
      16. Conclusions Report
      17. Project Website and internet dissemination
      18. Organisation of workshops, visits
      19. Brochures
      20. Conference and journal publications announcements