On June 30th a workshop held place in Chania regarding the dissemination of the CAMP-IT project outcomes. The workshop was organized by the Technical University of Crete and was supported by all projects partners, as well by the technical administration of the University Campus.

Workshop agenda:

The presentations of the workshop can be found in the following links

  • Presentations
  1. Energy consumption and energy management in university buildings. University of Athens, Prof. Dr Mat. Santamouris.
  2. Energy Planning at the Technical University of Crete. Technical University of Crete, General Director of the Technical Administration, Spyros Psichis.
  3. Innovative energy management system of University Campuses Camp IT. Technical University of Crete, Assist. Prof. Dr Denia Kolokotsa.
  4. Development of an optimal control system and a decision support tool. Technical University of Crete, Phd candidate Kostas Gobakis.
  5. Equipment installation in the project Camp IT. Teabe ldt, Klearchos Chalikakis.
  6. The role of automation systems and energy control in buildings. Schneider Electric SA, Ecobuilding department, Iakovos Ksidis.
  7. Energy management in the Hospital of Chania: H project experience Green@Hospital, Technical University of Crete, Phd candidate Sotiris Papantoniou.
  • Photos

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