CAMP IT Newsletter

Progress in the project has been accelerated and the following modules have been successfully completed:

  1. Development and validation of the necessary models for indoor-outdoor environment interaction and load prediction.
  2. Development and validation of the expert system and control algorithms for campus energy management.
  3. Development and specifications for the necessary infrastructure and communication technologies for Campus networking.

Furthermore, installation of equipment in the framework of CAMP IT has started on 19/1 and will be fully operational in the following days. In detail the equipment being installed in buildings K1 and K2 of Technical University of Crete and near outdoor space comprises the following:

Outdoor equipment

-          Temperature (° C) sensors

-          Humidity (%) sensors

-          Light (lux) sensors

Indoor equipment in buildings K1 & K2

-          Temperature (° C) sensors

-          Humidity (%) sensors

-          CO2 concentration (ppm) sensors

-          Human Presence sensors

-          Light (lux) sensors

-          Wireless door / window switch (sensor)

-          Energy (W, kWh, VAr, A, V) meters

-          Controllers

-          Switches

-          Energy Management and Control System (software and hardware)

On the 10th of March, project partners will meet at TEABE offices in Athens to discuss key issues and decide on subsequent steps.