The aim of CAMP-IT is to develop, test and validate an integrated indoor – outdoor Web based Energy Management System for University Campuses.
This is pursued via a number of multifaceted actions and objectives:

  • Advancing state of the art in the modeling of buildings by incorporating outdoor spaces thus creating a holistic methodology on “district models”.
  • Advancing state of the art in expert systems and control algorithms for energy load prediction and shaping in small communities. 
  • Providing optimal or near-optimal demand balance while maintaining users’ health and comfort needs. 
  • Advancing state of the art user-interaction and data exchange by wireless technologies or existing IP infrastructure. 
  • Integration of systems and designs in a fully-functional system. 
  • Evaluation of Camp-IT system based on cost /energy efficiency and operation.
  • Setting up of infrastructure to prepare the ground for a future smart grid community.